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Protected Platforms

Afi provides cloud-native protection for SaaS applications and key cloud infrastructure workloads.

Our platform is based on the new cloud-age architecture, enabling deep integration with cloud workloads and full-fidelity backup.


No failed backups

Afi engine is resistant to SaaS APIs failures that lead to failures. Backups are re-scheduled & re-tried to comply with protection SLA policies.

Backup more flexible than ever

Automated up to hourly (high-frequency) backups; on-demand backups can be triggered instantly by an admin for all or users w/o any limits.

Storage on your terms

Unlimited retention, storage locations in Europe and USA, or backup to connected customer/partner-owned S3 cloud storage accounts.

Only product with full-text search

Only backup solution with full-text search allowing to search by email data contents, not only metadata fields (subject, user name, etc).

Instant preview & export

Unlike legacy vendors, we provide instant online content preview & export without extra steps to request and/or generate download links.

Fast point-in-time browsing

Versioning with unlimited number of recovery points or retention time. Granular Item-level or whole account restore in-place/to another account.

Backup all key applications

Afi supports all main G Suite and Office 365 applications: Gmail, (Shared) Drives, Calendar, Contacts, Chats, Exhcange, OneDrive & SharePoint.

Apps no vendor backs up

Afi backs up the workloads that no other backup provider supports, including Microsoft Teams and the new Google Sites.

Full support of metadata

We backup cloud apps like no other vendor, preserving all metadata (not just files) - sharing permissions, document IDs, email threads & more.

No confusing errors

Actionable protection messages; no need to go through message logs with all backup progress and status messages summarized in one place.

Automated archiving

Auto-archiving of deleted G Suite/O365 users. Save on licensing costs since we don't charge for archived users & their data is retained forever.

Built-in multi-tenancy

Monitor & manage multiple domains in a single backup management portal with single interface for Office 365 and G Suite backup.

Ransomware protection

AI engine performs pre-emptive backups in case of attacks; immutable cloud backup format protected from data deletion or modification.

Most granular access control

Granular admin/support roles including restore-only roles with no ability to see the contents of emails/files; end-user self-service recovery portal.

Most detailed audit log

Audit log with records of all activity, including access, configuration & restore operations, with session details including WAN IP & device type.

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