Simple & resilient
backup for G Suite.
Backup, search & recover Google Apps data with cloud-native platform leveraging AI tech.
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Simple, reliable platform leveraging AI tech

Intelligent Simplicity

SLA-guided autonomous system resilient
to changes in infrastructure and errors


Restore cloud data accurately with full-fidelity,
including metadata, permissions, directories

High Availablity

Granular or full restore in one click,
auto-recovery from cyber attacks

Enterprise Class

Secure and compliant architecture
scalable to 10,000s of users

Afi Core AI

Afi Core AI leverages Artificial Intellignece technology to eleminate manual IT admin task

Full auto-pilot

Nothing to install or maintain - Afi will auto-discover user accounts and continiustly detect changes to ensure that all data is protected.

SLA-based protection

Connect cloud apps in two clicks and define protection SLAs for groups of individual accounts. Afi will honor the SLA policies, and suggest solutions in case of problems.

Intelligent resiliency

Even when ignored for months and years, Afi will autonomosly deal with errors and changes in infrastructure, continuing to protect and retain your cloud data as defined by SLAs.

AFI - Backup & Recovery - Dashboard

End-user self-service

Let your users search and recover lost or deleted items in seconds, not hours and without having to submit a ticket or call the HelpDesk

Complete versioning

Browse through historical snapshots of versions of your data and restore them to any known state with 100% precision

Seamless navigation

Use lightning-fast, clean and intuitive interface to easily navigate across the years of backed-up and archived data.

256-bit Ecryption

AFI uses public cloud by Amazon, Google and Microsoft to store your data, which is encrypted under the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys.

OAuth 2.0

AFI uses OAuth 2.0, which is the industry-standard protocol for secure authorization. Thanks to using OAuth 2.0, the communication between cloud services is secure, as we do not need to store your password on our servers.

Afi - Backup & Recovery - Dashboard

Growing support of cloud apps

Based on new cloud-first architecture, Afi is not only more reliable than legacy backup tools, but also allows fast development of new features and addition of new cloud workloads support.

Current version of Afi Backup features full support of G Suite (with rights, permissions and other metadata). Stay tuned - we're quickly adding support of other cloud applications, including O365, Salesforce, Dropbox and other.

Storage on your terms

Store G Suite backups in secure Google Cloud (default), choosing storage location that works best for you, or connect your own public IaaS account via Afi Data Gateway [enterprise feature]

Vendor unlock

Migrate easily between cloud applications, or maintain a replica of your cloud apps in different vendors' clouds to satisfy your business needs.