Backupify G Suite pricing vs Spanning and other G Suite backup solutions.

In this post we compare prices for Backupify, Spanning and other G Suite backup solutions. In addition to list prices, we review backup vendors' discounting practices and factors influencing discount sizes. If you want to know more about the products and compare their features, check our  review of top 10 G Suite backup solutionsn  .


Factors defining discount you can get

Most cloud-to-cloud backup software vendors publish their list prices (also known as MSRPs or undiscounted prices), although some of them (e.g. Backupify) don't disclose them on the websites.

When negotiating deals, backup vendors often provide discounts to these list prices, and it's important for customers to know how large a discount they can get and what are the relevant factors in negotiating the discounted price. Below are the four most importnat factors:

  1. Total dollar amount of the deal
  2. Larger deals are more likely to involve deeper discounts. Backup vendors routinely provide discounts for deals above $5,000 in annual contract value.

  3. Size of the end-customer
  4. Large organizations (>1,000 headcount) more often receive discounts, as part of vendors' "land and expand" sales strategy.

  5. Type/version of product purchased
  6. Backup vendors more willingly discount prices on their premium products and bundles (such as G Suite backup + DLP, G Suite Backup + security).

  7. Vendor market segment focus
  8. Vendors focused on enterprise and large mid-market, rarely sell for 100% of the list price and ordinarily provide discounts.


Backupify, Spanning and SysCloud pricing itself is a developer of G Suite Backup solution, and as part of our competitive analysis we continiously monitor prices for top G Suite backup vendors.


Below we present the results of the price comparison, which is primarily based on customer and partner interviews.

We have seen that organizations with more than 500 users experience flexible terms from Backupify, Spanning, as well as most other vendors. Customers are often able to achieve discounts of 10-20% or more depending upon the payment terms, deployment size and type of the product (basic edition, or advanced/premium editions & bundles)

Here is the summary of list prices and ASPs (average selling price after discounts) for top backup vendors active in mid-market and enterprise segment.


All prices are per seat per month, based on annual contracts. List prices are based on information published by vendors and resellers, effective prices are estimated based on interviews with resellers and end-customers.

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We beleive that on average Backupify provides one of the the lowest price levels for organizations of all sizes - $2.5 per G Suite seat per month for organizations with >1000 headcount, $2.8 and $3.0 for customers with >100 emplyees and everyone else respectively.

SysCloud and Spanning have higher list prices ($4 per G Suite seat), and they provide slightly deeper discounts - 18% and 25% respectively, which still leaves their effective prices higher than Backupify.

On average, medium organizations with >100 seats can acheive 7-13% discount from list prices, with cheapest discounted price provided by Backupify. Large customers with 1,000s of employees can acheive as high as 25% discounts off the list prices for the Google Apps backup.

Based on our research, we see that ьost vendors start offering discounts in deals with more than 100 G Suite backup licenses, with discounts gradually increasing with the size of the project. Organizations with 1,000 are typically able to negotiate individual terms with additional discounts acheived through multi-year pre-payments.


Discounts on different product editions

In addition to volume discunts, cloud backup vendors offer multiple editions of ther backup products, offering advanced features as part of more expensive options. For example, SysCloud includes Data Leak prevention in it's second tier, which is $2 /month is more expensive than its basic plan priced at $4 /month.


Premium edition diffirentiated by compliance features, volume discounts start with 100 users.

Large customers with 1,000s of users often purchase a combination of G Suite package options, e.g. 500 G Suite Enterprise SKUs and 500 G Suite Business SKUs are merged to produce a custom package to satisfy their needs.

Backupify and other G Suite backup solution providers customize pricing to accommodate the large client's requests in a similar way. They often apply licensing mixing tactics when negotiating large backup deals.

In one case a client with manufacturing environment composed of "deskless" workers was able to acheive 40% discount for G Suite backup licenses, as the backup vendor acknowledged their limited data usage and protection requirements.

If you are able to demonstrate that a significant part of your G Suite accounts has consistently low usage, you are likely to be able to negotiate additional discount. Lower G Suite data usage means lower support and infrastructure costs for backup vendors, and they would typically pass some of the savings to the customers.


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