Protect and manage your cloud apps with minimal effort.

  • Auto-pilot. Unlike other systems that add complexity and requires constant attention from IT staff, Afi is an auto-piloted cloud management platform that leverages AI technology.
  • Proactive Intelligence. Afi Core AI, which powers Afi platform, monitors your G Suite apps, makes decisions and acts in response to changes in user activity, addition or removal of new accounts, permissions and objects.
  • Fast Deployment. Afi can process G Suite and other cloud apps logs to generate automated workflows out of the box, based on your typical routine patterns.
  • Autonomous System. Once you've selected desired SLAs, Afi uses them as a guidance to ensure that your applications are protected, backups are regularly verified and recovery happens when it's needed.
People Sync
  • Lead SLA'S

    Backup SLAs

    Policy-guided automated backups

  • Intelligent Mapping


    Recover instantly from accidents and cyber attacks

  • Closed-Loop Reporting

    End-user self service

    User interface to search and recover lost and deleted items

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Cloud-Native Platform

Growing number of supported apps, cross-restore & migration across apps

  • Modern Architecture. Unlike many legacy backup solutions that were originally created for on-premise workloads, Afi Cloud Data Management Platform is based on containers and microservices that can be safely deployed in a cloud environment, as opposed to legacy monolithic applications.
  • Scalability and reliability. New web-scale architecture ensures enterprise grade scalability - Afi will enable you to manage and protect your cloud apps easily and reliably, whether you manage IT for a small team, or 10,000s of users and petabytes of data.
  • Growing Support of Cloud Apps. Cloud-first architecture includes the key ability to connect to external services seamlessly via APIs. This approach allows Afi great flexibility to support not just a handful of cloud applications, but just about any API-based SaaS applications as they appear.
  • Evolving Fast. No legacy code means fast development cycle, new features, frictionless work, and deep support of cloud applications - including all types of objects, metadata, permissions and rights.
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Monitor protection status, prevent data leaks, user rights abuse and other cyber threats

  • Out-of-the-box automation. is the only platform that provides ready to use automated workflows tailored according to your needs. Core AI engine analyzes your logs and identifies typical admin tasks when you first connect Afi, and creates worklflows made specifically for you.
  • Let AI deal with changes. Core AI keeps track of key events, such as addition of new accounts, changes in sharing and access permissions or user activity levels. Afi deals with the events based on your preferences, saving you time on on/off-boarding new users, preventing user rights abuse and other.
  • Meaningful Analytics. Clean, intuitive dashboard & reporting to keep track of protection status, service utilization and compliance with SLAs, and gain actionable insights on user activity and data security status.
People Insights
  • Ramp

    Individual User Reports

    Number of emails sent, hours of active work, activity by days of week

  • Benchmark

    Infrastructure Status

    Metrics on cloud applications usage and user activity to assess utilization

  • Account Based Selling

    Account Auto-Retirement

    Free up G Suite / O365 licenses by disabling inactive accounts and keeping the data in Afi Archive

  • Coaching

    Smart Alerts

    Get informed about key events or when your consent is required to take an action

  • Team Goals

    SLA Targets

    Track compliance with SLA policies

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Compliance and security based on cutting edge architecture

  • Storage Servers. The contents of customers' backups are stored in encrypted archives in object storage. The public storage servers are hosted by Google, Microsoft and Amazon and the data is encrypted at rest with using 256-bit AES.
  • Application Services. Afi microservices are deployed in Google and Amazon clouds. Archiving Service proccesses customer data, detecting changes and sending incremental or full backups to storage servers. Basic metadata about customer accounts (including roles, permissions and settings) is kept in DynamoDB database.
  • Access Control. Afi authenticates users using Google Identity Platform and Microsoft SSO services for cloud applications. All data in transit is encrypted using SSL/TLS, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit AES.
Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance
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