Basic backup for cloud email and files with pre-configured retention and SLA policies.

limited to 5 protected users and 10 GB of total protected data.

Applications supported

  • Gmail
  • Drive
  • Contacts
  • Daily backup with 2 year retention and export/restore features.
  • Support of basic G Suite applications


resource per month average storage per license

Complete protection of key cloud applications, with flexible recovery, management and backup features.

Each license covers one protected resource (G Suite user or Team Drive).

Applications supported

  • Gmail
  • Drive
  • Team Drives
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Detailed settings for backup SLAs and retention policies
  • Granular browse and restore options for email, files and calendar items
  • Automated discovery of new resources
  • Audit log
  • Email support


Flexible Pricing
custom terms

Scalable to 100s of thousands of protected users in a single domain.

Instant full-text search, granular admin roles and user self-service, audit log and Google organizatinoal units support.

Applications supported

  • Gmail
  • Drive
  • Team Drives
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Google Sites
  • Hangouts
  • Complete protection with full support of all G Suite applications
  • Granular Access Roles & User self service portal
  • AI-powered data protection against ransomware & insider threats
  • Maximum number of users: scalable to 100s of thousands
  • Deployment support at no extra cost
  • 24/7 email support, emergency phone support and screen-sharing sessions

Do you bill monthly or annually?

You can choose between monthly and annual billing. Please get in touch (s@afi.ai) if you’d like to consider multi-year options.

Do you have special pricing for Education or Non-profits?

We provide custom discounted licensing options for Education and Non-profit customers.

What are the payment options?

We use Stripe (https://stripe.com/) as our main payment provider. Stripe supports all major credit/debit cards, ACH transfers and Single Euro Payments Area Direct Debit payments.

Do you charge per user?

Afi requires one license per each protected resource. A protected resource is a G Suite user account or Team Drive protected by Afi.

Do you have fair usage policy or storage limits?

Each license covers 50 GB of protected storage. The storage limit is only applied on a domain level (not per Team Drive/User level), so that the total storage per domain needs to be within 50 GB x number of licensed resources. Most customers never approach this limit, but in the unlikely case that you do, we will offer a custom pricing plan.

Do I need to license all G Suite users / Team Drives in my domain?

Afi only requires licenses for protected resources. I.e. you only need to pay for the resources you backup.

What if the number of resources change during subscription term?

If the number of protected resources exceeds licensed usage during your subscription term, you will have 2 options:
- reduce the usage, by unprotecting some resources, in order to get back within the licensed usage
- buy more licenses to cover additional usage.
If you’re subscribed to the monthly plan, you will be able to pay for additional licenses starting from the next month. If you have annual/multi-year contract, you will be able to pay for additional licenses based on time-based proration.