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Most Complete G Suite Backup

  • Flexible point-in-time restore, high-frequency snapshots & unlimited retention
  • EXCLUSIVE Backup G Suite data with 100% fidelity, including (Shared) Drives document IDs, access permissions and Gmail nested labels
  • EXCLUSIVE Find keywords & phrases in G Suite email backups using Afi full-text Gmail search
  • EXCLUSIVE Instant offline export (direct download) of single items or full accounts

Intelligent Ransomware Protection

  • EXCLUSIVE Early ransomware attack detection with instant admin email notifications
  • EXCLUSIVE & NEW Preemptive backups executed immediately after ransomware attack detection to backup the data that haven't been affected yet
    Auto-labelling of recovery points to point out the last clean snapshot unaffected by an attack
  • Immutable backup storage - past recovery points can't be affected by cyber attacks

No Backup Failures

  • EXCLUSIVE Intelligent handling of G Suite API errors (4xx, 5xx), prediction engine to avoid G Suite API calls limit
  • EXCLUSIVE Parallel execution, automatic reschedules, reconfiguration & retries of problematic backup runs
  • Instant email alerts for administrators in addition to configurable regular status updates via email

Radically Simple End-to-end Automation

  • EXCLUSIVE Afi automatically manages backup schedules based on the protection levels (SLAs) assigned by admin for OUs or single users.
  • New G Suite users and Drives are automatically discovered & protected
  • Shared Drives or users deleted from G Suite account are automatically archived and available for restore & export at any time

Access Control and Security

  • EXCLUSIVE G Suite Super Admins access to user backed up data can be configured, restricted or disabled
  • EXCLUSIVE detailed audit log with WAN IP addresses, session details, Admin actions and system events
  • Create custom backup operator roles for support team, enabling restore operations without data access rights
  • Enable self-service for end-users to let them recover lost items themselves

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We provide custom G Suite Backup price for organizations with large number of users. Contact our sales team to discuss details.

Key Afi G Suite Backup Features

Automated Backups

Regular fully automated backup runs, resilient to Google API errors

Flexible Restore

Restore data to the same / other accounts, in-place or to a new folder

Instant Offline Export

G Suite backup data instant export in pst, docx & other native formats

2FA Authentication

Native support of Google 2FA for G Suite administrators and users

Storage Locations

Select an Afi backup storage region, or connect your own cloud storage

AI-based Automation

Afi uses AI to automate backup & reduce time needed to manage it


Browse & restore any prior versions of G Suite data without time limit


Configure end-user access to let them restore lost items.


Data at rest is encrypted with AES265 & TLS 1.2 for data in transit.

Afi G Suite Backup Datasheet

G Suite Backup Policy Recommendations

 How to backup G Suite data? Industry analysts recommend using cloud backup solutions. 




G Suite Backup Options

 Native G Suite tools and Vault don't provide backup capabilities. Afi offers a more complete G Suite backup compared to older vendors.

Legacy G Suite Backup

Product & Technology

Standard G Suite admin panel lets administrators partially recover deleted G Suite data.

G Suite add-on, enables legal hold & partial retention of data relevant for litigation & compliance.

Backup solutions with limitations due to old monolithic architectu-res developed 7-10 years ago.

New cloud-native G Suite backup service purpose-built for SaaS data protection.

Gmail Backup


Emails deleted within 20-25 days can be recovered. No versioning is available, only the last known state is restored. Some labels (e.g. Drafts) cannot be restored.


Emails with the version history can be recovered in mbox format. Some emails are not retained, label structure cannot be recovered.


Most vendors don't preserve the nested Gmail labels structure upon backup/restore. For some vendors the backup frequency is limited to 1x /day.


Gmail backup with 1-24x daily frequency, preserving nested Gmail label structures, full text search, instant online preview and export in pst/eml formats.

Google Drive &
Shared Drives Backup


Last state of files deleted within 20-30 days can be recovered. No single file recovery (only all deleted items in the time range).


Deleted files are retained, but versioning only available for Google-native files. Directory structures are not restored.


Data & versions are preserved, but files can be silently skipped from backups. and the number of retained versions may be limited.


Full fidelity backup (only vendor to preserve Drive document IDs upon restore) and unlimited versioning.

Other G Suite
Data Backup


Last state of Calendars and Contacts can be recovered within 20-30 days after deletion.


No versioning for non-Google files, Drive and Shared Drives metadata, Calendars or Contacts.


Backup of G Suite Contacts and Calendars. Only some vendors backup Google Sites & Chats.


Full support of G Suite apps and metadata with flexible export (mbox, pst, eml, vfs, ics & other).

Recovery Capabilities


Data restored only to the original location. Data you’re not trying to recover will also be replaced, as only bulk restore is possible.


No restore to G Suite, only bulk offline export (items w/o folders & labels). No data can be restored for users deleted from G Suite.


Restore operations can take days and weeks. Export takes time & many steps (request the export link, wait until it's ready, etc)


Full-text search, instant online emails preview, in-place and non-destructive restore & fast offline export via direct download.

Learn More About Afi Capabilities

Afi has 100,000+ users and features 4.9-star rating, which reflects our commitment to provide high quality service.

Check out the Google Cloud solutions documentation to learn more about Afi G Suite Backup service capabilities.


What's the best G Suite backup policy, why it has to be backed up?

Organizations backup G Suite data to prevent data loss due to Ransomware and accidental deletions. While Google provides high service uptime and protects G Suite data from hardware failures, the data can still be lost due to cyber attacks and user errors.

IDC and Gartner recommend using a thrid party backup service in order to protect the cloud data from malware and deletions.

How Afi is different from Backupify G Suite backup?

Afi is based on the new distributed microservices architecture that helps us to deliver 2-3x faster performance than legacy competitors, in addition to higher reliability & backup success rates.

Does Afi backup Team Drives and how they're licensed?

We back up Google Team Drives. There is no additional fee for Shared (Team) Drives if you backup your G Suite user accounts.

If you only want to backup Shared Drives, without protecting G Suite users, then please get in touch with us for a custom quote.

Is Afi GDPR compliant? Where is the G Suite backup data stored?

Afi complies with GDPR, HIPPA, CCPA and other data protection regulations. Please see our privacy policy for details.

You can select the storage region during the initial set up. The two main storage locations are the US (Iowa) and EU (Belgium).

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