Encryption Key Management Assessment Completion

Following the secure code review finished last week, we are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Encryption Key Management System Assessment performed by SecureIT. This assessment builds upon the results of the code review, further examining Afi's data encryption mechanisms and key management infrastructure.

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Afi Announces Secure Code Review Completion

We’re proud to announce our successful completion of an independent secure code review performed by , a leading cybersecurity and risk audit firm.

This independent review – combined with the regular penetration tests, SOC 2/3, customer-initiated audits, CSA STAR, Cyber Essentials and other certifications – underscores our strong commitment to product development, security and resiliency.

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Can Ransomware Hit Your Microsoft 365 Data?

As of Q1 2023 there's no evidence of a ransomware strain that specifically targets Microsoft 365. However, ransomware criminals are likely to focus on M365 in the future, attempting to steal some of the most sensitive organizational data stored in the cloud.

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Afi Statement On The War In Ukraine

We believe that every nation deserves to live in a peaceful and independent country. We stand with the free people of Ukraine and hope that the Russian aggression will be stopped soon so Ukrainians can start rebuilding their country and their lives.

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Using Microsoft 365 Retention Policies as Backup

Compliance retention policies feature is included in the premium Microsoft 365 plans. It support all major data types and enables unlimited data retention and recovery. In this blog post we discuss advantages and drawbacks of using retention policies as your backup option.

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Google Workspace (G Suite) Email Backup Options

Unlike traditional on-premise email servers Gmail has built-in data protection and data export tools, in addition to Google Vault and 3rd party backup/archiving services. In this blog post we'll compare these data protection options.

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Microsoft Teams Backup: Native vs 3rd-party Tools

The number of backup options that backup Microsoft Teams well is limited due to limitations of Microsoft 365 APIs and significant development efforts that are required to support multiple Teams data types. In this post we discuss native and third-party Teams backup options.

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Microsoft Office 365 Backup Options

Office 365 backup is typically developed by traditional software vendors that offer it in addition to their core storage & backup products (VM and physical machines backup). Because few vendors focus on O365 backup as their primary workload, most backup solutions provide only partial support of Office 365 data sources and applications.

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